It's the details that count when considering the quality of your home's construction.

So here are the details…

Environmentally Smart Buildings:


All Spring Green homes are Energy Star rated. The ENERGY STAR® program promotes rigid guidelines for home construction. Qualified homes are designed to be 25-30% more energy efficient than standard construction. What's not to like about that?

Energy Star Benefits:

  • Lower Ownership Costs

  • Higher Level of Comfort

  • Quality Assurance

  • Health & Fresh Air

  • Environmental Protection


Let's start with the foundation and work upward from there. Spring Green Homes offers two types of foundations. You can choose the conventional concrete foundation where the forms get removed or an ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) basement where we leave the polystyrene forms in place. You may be familiar with these Lego-esque blocks of polystyrene. It's a well-used material, and for good reason. The bottom line is high insulation value and amazing structural strength.

ICF Foundation Benefits: 

  • More energy efficient

  • Reduced sound transmission

  • Fast, year round construction

  • Superior insulation


We shouldn't forget that underneath those foundation walls are some invisible but very important Pilings. We admit, pilings are usually not something to get excited about. In fact, we hope you'll never think about them again. The reason they're important? In Regina, the soil is quite a bit more expansive than other areas, and nobody likes heaving basement walls.


So, we install piles which go deep into the earth and resist movement to your foundation. This is just one invisible way we go the extra mile to make your home perform better for decades to come.


What good is a sound structure if it isn't protected from the elements? The answer is obvious, which is why we will use a peel and stick membrane on your standard foundation and the Superseal Membrane on your ICF foundation. The membranes provide a permanent barrier that prevents soil from touching your valued basement walls. It also provides essential protection from moisture and water.

Superseal Benefits:

  • A permanent barrier that prevents soil from touching the foundation walls

  • Provides a drainage space for moisture/water to fall to the footing drain for removal

  • Eliminates 100% of the head-water pressure off the face of the wall

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Life expectancy that may outlast the structure


With Spring Green Homes, you have options for your above grade walls as well. We offer traditional stick frame construction or Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). We all have seen stick framed walls before but with decades of use in innovative places like northern Europe and Japan, SIPs are one of the smartest ways to assemble a building.


First, the construction is completed in a controlled environment so tolerances are very strict, and quality control is extreme. Second, they are strong and sturdy in a unique way because they require more extensive engineering. Third, the on-site build up is much quicker. Finally, it reduces waste, which is good for everybody including the environment. SIPs make sense.

SIP Wall Benefits: 

  • Lower fuel / energy costs

  • Superior indoor air quality

  • Increased comfort

  • Lower environmental impact



Windows are beautiful, and challenging. We strive to balance the aesthetic charms of glass with the need to optimize the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. Not just any window will do. Spring Green Homes uses high quality PVC or wood windows with metal cladding making your home beautiful to behold, inside and out.



We all know and love our prairie winters. A Spring Green Home makes them cozy, safe and warm. We offer a variety of options to combat those cold winter days including traditional fiberglass insulation or Eco-smart spray foam insulation used in our stick framed homes or the EPS foam core in the SIPS panels.

Interior Finishes:

With another nod to the environment, we offer interior trim milled from re-claimed materials. If it is a modern feel you are looking for, we also offer a variety of painted trim profiles and sizes. We will personalize your interior spaces to fit your lifestyle to a T.


With your comfort and coziness in mind a York 98% AFUE- TM9V fully modulating, high efficient furnace complete with DC variable blower will get you through those cold winter months. Just feel the warmth! We will pair that with a high efficient HRV and air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable year round.


You’ll immediately feel the excellent space management in our layouts. They are extremely comfortable and livable, but never wasteful. Open space and smart floorplans put everything where you want them to be. We don’t waste precious square footage with unnecessary hallways. We intentionally create rooms that are not overly extravagant in terms of size. 

And in terms of luxuries, we carefully incorporate those things that people actually use. That corner tub that takes a hundred gallons to fill? How about not? People just don’t seem to use them. You might say we have stayed away from the ‘nice to sees’ and went with the ‘nice to haves’. 

With another nod to the environment, all our interior trim is milled from re-claimed materials. And with your comfort and coziness in mind, many of our homes feature Napolean high-efficiency gas fireplaces. This is of course backed up with a York 98% AFUE- TM9V fully modulating gas train high efficient furnace complete with DC variable blower. Just feel the warmth! 


You’ll know it as soon as you drive up the street. Our homes are welcoming and attractive because
they are built around livability. James Hardie siding is standard on Spring Green Homes.


Unlike vinyl, which has no fire retardant properties, makes a mess at the landfill and can feel flimsy, our siding is solid and environmentally friendly. It provides greater protection, lifetime durability, more attractive finish and is simply a greener choice.

Add to your siding cultured stone or brick accents, and your home will have a distinctive look, made
with lasting materials.

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